Steps to Get an Aggravated Misdemeanor off Your Record

aggravated mayhem, aggravated misdemeanor

work out the loop holes

Have you ever got your name involved in an act of crime? Well if yes don’t get worried as you can get your name wiped off from all records just by following up a simple instruction set. You may or may not get involved in a criminal act with or without your knowledge. Whatever may be your act, you have a number of loopholes to exploit to get your name cleared. How is it done?

The amount of effort and the legal advice you required to get your name off the charge sheet depend on the harshness of the misdemeanor as well as the degree of indulgence. Basically, on the basis of the severity criminal acts are classified into three- simple, serious and C. If you are framed in an act of aggravated mayhem you would be having a hard time in getting your name of the police records.

Instructions to follow up

  • Whatever may the act of crime it is always wise to head for the support and help of a legal suit or an attorney to get your name erased from the records. Talk it over with your attorney and provide him the necessary details of your position during the crime as well as the crime scene. Well, if your pockets aren’t strong enough to afford a personal lawyer you can walk into the office of the public attorney to help you out of the problems.
  • The very next step after you have hired in a legal professional is to attend your arraignment. This would be scheduled to the first week post the incident. The judge would go through the physical evidences if any and the charge sheet that has been filed by the investigating authority. now you can file in the plea. You can file in a guilty, not guilty, and ‘nolo contendere’ plea. Consult with your lawyer before you file in the plea. 
    aggravated mayhem, aggravated misdemeanor

    work out the loop holes

  • Follow the instructions that your lawyer has given you. Talk and consult with your lawyer to have your sentence minimized if you have submitted in a pleads guilty or nolo contendere.
  • Try to attend all the hearing dates as per scheduled to you. During the period of your trial you would be asked in to remit court fee and other monetary penalties. You can ask your attorney to file in the necessary details to get your name off aggravated mayhem accusation.

Your lawyer can then use the evidence as well as your cooperation with the police and your willingness to come clean to influence the judge that you have turned a new leaf in life or are wrongly blamed for the action of others.



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