Unknown Facts About Aggravated Mayhem

aggravated mayhem

extreme case of mayhem

Mayhem under the Penal Code Section 203, says that every person who unlawfully degrades the physical appearance of a human being by cutting the body parts like nose, ears, tongue etc is found guilty of mayhem. In order to punish such a person you need to provide sufficient documents to prove such cases beyond reasonable doubt. Aggravated mayhem which comes under the Penal Code Section 205 involves the extreme case of changing the physical or psychological well-being of the victim.

Extreme Case of Mayhem

punish mayhem person

aggravated case of mayhem

The extreme case of mayhem deals with the case when the defendant disfigures the victim. It can even lead to the death of the victim. Once the victim dies, because of the very act counts of felony and murder can be charged even if the intention of the defendant was only to scare the victim. In the case the victim dies due to his injuries sustained, first degree murder (coming under the Penal Code Section 187) can be charged. That person who is found guilty of such offenses can face the death penalty, along with life in prison without the possibility of parole. The defendant may have to lead twenty-five years life in prison according to Penal Code Section 190.

Scope for Defense

The defense to mayhem is similar to that for battery. In the first instance, the defense of the defendant or that of others can defeat a charge of mayhem without any doubt if they can present a case of innocence and prove it. The points on injuries caused to the victim must have reasonable justification under the circumstances. For example, consider a case when one person is held at knifepoint. To save himself the hostage may grab a beer bottle and attack the head of other person. In the means to escape from the murder attempt, one may break the attacker’s facial bones. In such a case it is not a case of mayhem and you can easily defend the case.

Another case of defense is with that of accident by mistake. For example, a cricket player who may argue with the umpire and while doing so, he throws down the ball down in anger. By accident, the ball bounces back from the ground and strike the jaw of the player standing nearby. This is also not the case of mayhem. You can defend such a case with ease.

Causing physical or mental injury is a crime and maiming the body of another through aggravated mayhem is barbaric. If proved, the guilty can get a minimum of two years imprisonment, without any doubt. It can even lead to life time imprisonment.