What Do You Mean By Mayhem?

Physical injury

            Examples of mayhem

Are you wondering what is mayhem? What are the actions that can be described as mayhem? What are the punishments for such an offense? Then please read on. You might find this article an interesting read.

What is mayhem?

Any severe assault on an individual that leaves some kind of lasting physical impact or damage is known as mayhem. So the definition of mayhem included infliction of any form of physical injury in such a way that the body part is removed or has to be removed or is rendered useless.

When are the actions that come under mayhem?

Most States in the United States have included the definition of mayhem under crimes of assault and battery. But there a few states that still define mayhem as a separate offense in their criminal code. For example in the state of California, any person who ruthlessly deprives another individual of any body part or renders it useless or inflicts such a severe injury that it has to be removed, then he is guilty of mayhem. This may include cutting the tongue or an eye, or slitting a lip or the nose.

What is aggravated mayhem?

If the defendant commits the action with complete indifference to psychological as well as the physical well being of the injured person, then he is guilty of aggravated mayhem. The injury should be a permanent one and not temporary for the offender to be convicted.

What are the punishments given to individuals who are convicted of mayhem?

For a person to lose his limb, or nose, or an eye or any other part for that matter is completely life altering. For this very same reason, the punishment given to an individual who commits such a heinous crime should be one that will deter others from committing such crimes in the future. Depending on the nature and circumstance of the offensive action, a person in California convicted of

Aggravated mayhem

                 Punishments for mayhem

mayhem may receive a sentence two, four or even up to eight years in prison. Also, an individual convicted of aggravated mayhem which is considered on par with criminal offense or felony can be sentenced for a life term in prison with possibility of parole. On the other hand, an individual convicted of mayhem in the state of Massachusetts can be sentenced up to twenty years in prison.

For fighting cases of mayhem avail the services of an experienced lawyer. Charges of mayhem are considered very serious and so you will need such lawyers to fight for or against such charges.


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