Before Entrusting Your Case To A Criminal Defense Lawyer

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how to find the top criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

An accused or suspect in a crime has the right to defend himself irrespective of the nature of the offense in question. There are attorneys who are specialized to handle defense in criminal cases known as criminal defense attorneys. If you are looking for a top defense lawyer in Los Angeles online, search with the keyword, “criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles” for better results. This article coincidentally is also on how to find a top Los Angeles criminal defense attorney and how to proceed while engaging one to handle your case. is a good choice of website for finding a defense attorney in Los Angeles, who would meet your requirements. The site enables you to modify or refine your search with specific keywords. For instance, if you are looking for a defense attorney in Los Angeles, all that you have to do is type, Los Angeles criminal attorney. If you are to include the crime (Battery in this case) involved, in the search, then you may type, Battery attorney, Los Angeles for results that are specific to attorneys dealing with the offense.

What Next?

Once you are given with a list of attorneys, the next step is to find out their standing in the profession in terms of experience and winning statistics. Search for the number of years of practice and number of cases won. Here in the case of a Los Angeles attorney, you may visit the website of The State Bar of California for more accurate details of the lawyer you may have your eyes on. Check how long they have been in the bar and where and when they graduated and so on. would let you know the AV Peer Rating of the lawyer of your choice.

Once Fixed

Once you settle down with a choice, discuss the fees and charges for representation and consultation.  Procure a complete schedule related to costs involved and know in advance what you would be paying for the engagement. Avoid if he is targeting on percentage of total amount or of the sorts, for he is going against professional ethics.

The Meeting

The State Bar of California

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, California

Meet the lawyer in person and discuss the case in depth and ask questions. If he is competent, that would show off from the way he answers your questions or interrogates you. Demand his past record if necessary which you may cross check with the court’s entry before fixing him as your counsel to handle the case.

Hope these instructions suffice to find a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. The best option, however, would be to go by recommendation from friends.