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Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

Criminal defense

Every job has its own duties and responsibilities. When it comes to the job of a lawyer, his or her duties and responsibilities are second to none, as often the life of a person depends on their abilities. Many a person has been rescued from the clutches of the noose due to the brilliant work done by numerous attorneys over the years. So, here are some details regarding the duties and responsibilities of a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles.

Responsibilities of a defense attorney

The responsibilities and duties of a defense attorney are wide-ranging. Their primary object is to rescue their client from being punished by a court of law, and to achieve their target, they will have to be involved in oral presentations and arguments in a court of law. To win any argument, knowledge of the situation is imperative, and for that, they will be required to go through all the evidence and legal documents that are available. Developing a bond with the clients is an important responsibility as well. Having the ability to empathise with the client will help the attorney to grasp the situation better, and will also help in fighting better, for the best outcome for the client.

legal documents

   criminal defense attorneys

Now comes the function part of the attorney’s job. Criminal defense attorneys, unlike most other attorneys, will have to deal with people who will be considered as criminals by the rest of the world, even if they turn out to be innocent. Therefore, they will have to stay strong and believe that their client is innocent, even if the evidences against the client are overwhelming. In some cases, where everyone thought the defendant had no chance of getting away free, brilliant work by the attorneys has resulted in the courts acquitting them the accused.

It is not easy becoming a much sought after criminal lawyer, especially in Los Angeles, where the competition is high. They will have to undergo rigorous training for years, and slowly build a reputation. Make sure that you are in good terms with the Bar Association, and that you deal with your clients in an understanding manner.

The information given here simply states a fact that most of you must be aware of; that the job of a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles is tiring, even though it is a highly rewarding job.

Criminal Defense Attorneys In Los Angeles- Points To Compare

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

   Hiring a criminal defense lawyer

With so many criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles today, hiring the right one is no simple task. Although you can always hire the first attorney that you find, this does not guarantee you courtroom success. And so it would be a better idea to compare a few of the criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. Comparing them can turn out to be a herculean task especially if you do not know what to look for, the important aspects and how to determine who is best. So here are a few points that should be kept in mind while comparing the different lawyers.


Initially, this may not seem like an important aspect, but remember that you will have to keep visiting your criminal defense lawyer on a regular basis. So go for a lawyer who is not that far from your home or place of work.


While looking for a lawyer, experience is one aspect that cannot be ignored. Look for a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles who has experience handling cases similar to yours. For instance, it doesn’t make any sense to hire a lawyer with experience in handling assault cases to take over the DUI case.


You can spend hours comparing different lawyers and you may still not find the right lawyer. While comparing the attorneys, look for one who has a proven track record. You do not want a lawyer who does not succeed in the courtroom. So don’t hesitate to ask about successful cases and past experience. You can even ask for referrals of the previous clients to verify this information.

Comparing criminal defense attorneys

 Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers


The cost of an attorney is a very deciding factor when it comes to deciding whether you will actually hire them or not. Enquire about the fees and other expenses whenever you meet up with a criminal defense attorney. Don’t hire a lawyer based on his price alone, but look at all the factors before you make a decision. 

That was some information on the different aspects that should be kept in mind while comparing criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles. It may take you a few days time to ask around and compare the different options. But remember that this time you spend for comparing is not lost time, but time invested in ensuring that you hire the right lawyer who can win your case for you.

Criminal Defense Lawyers In Los Angeles

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

Criminal defense attorneys of Los Angeles

During a trial in court, the prosecutor is entrusted with the duty of proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the charges he is accused of. The prosecutor, being a representative of the government is responsible for seeking out the truth and is required to divulge all evidences obtained. A criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles on the other hand is only responsible for defending his/her client from legal implications.

Functions of a criminal defense attorney

A criminal defense lawyer is responsible for evaluating the charges against the defendant to check if there are any loopholes to get the case dismissed. The defense counsel then carries out a number of tasks such as inspect the claims, interviews the different prosecution witnesses, looks for other witnesses and seeks out forensic experts whose outlook is different from that of the expert testifying for the prosecution. The defense counsel then discusses with the defendant the benefits and risks of the different defenses possible. He can also advice his client on the best course of action, inform the consequences that he may have to face and any settlement offers by the prosecution.

Plea agreements

In most cases, criminal charges conclude with a plea agreement. In such an agreement, the defendant in agreement with the prosecution can plead guilty to either the actual charges or a diminished charge to get a lower sentence. The criminal defense attorney is responsible for informing the defendant of the rights that he will be relinquishing by pleading guilty such as the right to a fair trial and appealing for any conviction during trial. He should also inform the defendant of the various conditions if such an agreement and the punishments that may be awarded.

Trial and appeal

Criminal defense lawyer

   Duties of a criminal defense lawyer

In case if the defendant does not agree to a plea agreement, the case goes to trial. During trial, the defense is allowed to make the opening statement. Here, the defense is permitted to cross-examine and interrogate the prosecution witnesses. The defense may choose to present or not present any defense witnesses. During the closing statement, the defense can state reasons to show how the prosecution did not prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt. If the accused is convicted, then the defense attorney can represent the defendant during the sentence hearing.

That was some information about the duties and responsibilities of a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. For more info on the same, refer legal resources available online.

Duties Of A Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

        Criminal defense attorney and his duties

The criminal justice system entitles any individual charged with a crime to receive a fair trial before a judge or a jury. Both sides of a criminal case- the defense and the prosecution are represented by two lawyers or two groups of lawyers. Criminal defense lawyers have a number of duties and responsibilities as part of their work. Be it a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles or Michigan, he/she is responsible for proving that the accused is innocent and thus acquitting all charges against him. Given are some of the duties of a defense lawyer.

Advisory duties

Criminal defense attorneys are obligated to their clients even outside the courtroom. Individuals can be driven to a state of irrational fear when charged with misdemeanor or felony. They will not be able to think reasonably about their situation and the best course of action in such a state of mind. A defense lawyer is responsible for providing the defendant with the right advice if the prosecution offers a plea-bargain and if it would be best to accept it or not.

Information gathering

Criminal defense lawyers have the right to question witnesses about the events of the case within limits during the trial as well as before it. The criminal justice system consists of three types of witnesses- lay witnesses, character witnesses and expert witnesses. Lay witnesses are witnesses who were present at the scene of crime; character witnesses are people associated with the defendant or people who knew the defendant and expert witnesses are people who verify the technical facts of a case. Criminal defense attorneys also try to provide an alibi for the accused. An alibi is a type of defense that proves that the defendant could not have committed the crime by showing that he was elsewhere at the time of crime.

Arguing the case

Criminal defense lawyers

        Responsibilities of a criminal defense attorney

During trial, the defendant’s case is presented first by an opening statement by the criminal defense lawyer. The opening statement should be such that it gives the court and the presiding jury an outline of the case. It is also of utmost importance because of the emotional effect that it has on the jury. Defense lawyers are also allowed to cross examine the prosecution to confirm the authenticity of information that were obtained outside of the court so as to help the jury reach the right decision knowing all the relevant facts. If the questioning by any party is in any way unfair or flawed, both sides have the right to raise objections to the opposing counsel’s questioning. Defense lawyers end the trial by making a closing statement that sums up the facts of the case.

The above are some of the duties of a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles or any other state for that matter. If you find yourself faced with criminal charges, avail the services of an experienced attorney who can prove your innocence.

Some Info About Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

        Criminal defense lawyers as public defenders

A criminal defense attorney is the one who represents individuals charged with criminal cases. These lawyers generally work on their own as solo practitioners or they may also work as public defenders. Even though any lawyer can represent a defendant in court, a criminal defense lawyer is one who can offer his clients the experience gained through the daily practice of criminal defense law.

Qualifications of a criminal defense lawyer

To practice as a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles or San Francisco or any other state for that matter, an individual should have graduated from an American Bar Association accredited law school and should have qualified their state’s bar exam. Clearing the bar exam makes a lawyer eligible to practice not just in state courts, but federal courts as well.

Any lawyer can take up a criminal defense case, but criminal defense lawyers are people with added qualifications. Majority of the criminal lawyers are people who had worked in a state or federal prosecutor’s office prior to starting defense practice. Others may have previously worked as public defenders before starting their private practice. Public defenders have the advantage of being exposed to all kinds of cases and therefore gain a lot of experience.

Private criminal defense lawyers

A large number of criminal defense attorneys prefer to practice on their own or along with one or two partners. Be it a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles or Massachusetts, they usually run a general practice and will take up any kind of criminal case. Of late, criminal defense attorneys have started specializing in particular areas such as drug cases, driving under the influence cases and other major felonies like murder or robbery.

A few criminal defense attorneys also choose to work for huge law firms that work for commercial and business clients. Corporate clients charged for white collar crimes against them like money laundering and fraud are represented by these lawyers.

Criminal defense lawyers

      Private criminal defense attorneys

Public defenders

Public defenders are people who represent individuals who cannot afford their own lawyer. They are paid by the state, country or federal jurisdiction to operate out of a public defender office. Despite their huge caseloads, public defenders are extremely competent lawyers. Once the judge orders for a public defendant, it is up to the supervising attorney to assign the case within the office.

That was some information on criminal defense lawyers. For more information on the same, refer online legal resources.


How To Become A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Los Angeles

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

Tips to become a criminal defense attorney

For maintaining peace and serving justice, lawyers have become an indispensable part of our society. They are needed for a variety of tasks ranging from defending the innocents accused of crime to punishing the culprits. With the prison population on a steady rise, the demand for criminal defense lawyers has gone up as well.

Becoming a criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles

Becoming a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles or in any part of the world for that matter is not an easy task. Here are some tips to help you out-

  • Join an undergraduate degree program and complete it. Criminal defense attorneys often have to study subjects such as sociology, criminal justice and even psychology. Consult an adviser about the prospects of taking criminal justice as an elective. To learn about the daily life of an attorney, apply to a court or a criminal defense firm during summer. Also, look for internships at the local, state or federal level.
  • In order to be able to join a law school, it is mandatory to clear the Law School Admission Test (LSAT.) Study well for this test and pass it with good grades. This test consists of three parts to analyze your analytical, logical and reading comprehension skills. Once you are done with the test, apply to a reputed law school approved by the American Bar Association.

    Criminal defense lawyer

    increasing demand for criminal defense lawyers

  • In law school, choose criminal law as your branch of study. Sign up for as many criminal courts and clinics as you can. During the school year, send out resumes to district courts or law firms for internships. Join a criminal attorney club sponsored by the school. Start your ABA application and complete it. Once you have graduated, prepare for the bar examination and clear it.
  • Look for jobs at a courthouse as a court clerk or as an assistant district attorney. Study the statutes in your jurisdiction. Look for a position that will give you experience as a criminal defense lawyer, preferably in litigation. Alternatively, you can also look for employment in law firms that specialize in criminal defense.

These are some tips to help you become a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. As you can see, these are only tips and the actual road to becoming a criminal defense lawyer is not an easy one. You will have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your dream of becoming an attorney.


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Various Aspects Of Being A Criminal Lawyer

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

                         Criminal defense attorney

The criminal justice system has always been an enticing field and now more than ever, youngsters are all for joining the legal community. This may be because a criminal lawyer has a wide plethora of career options available to him. They can choose to either be a prosecutor or a defense attorney. The difference between the two is that a prosecutor is a one who represents the government in criminal cases; whereas a defense attorney is an individual who represents a person or entity accused of offenses against the state. A criminal lawyer who offers his services as a defense attorney can either work for a private firm or he may work for the government as a public defender. A defense attorney can also specialize in a variety of criminal law fields such as sexual harassment, embezzlement, immigration, homicide, drug related crimes, cyber crime, money laundering or any other financial crimes.

Job Outlook:

The requirement for lawyers is about as fast as the world average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS). This implies that the job opportunities for lawyers will continue to grow at the rate of 7-13% in the next few years. Although this does not differentiate between criminal lawyers the other lawyers, criminal law has a better career prospect as compared to the others. This is because criminal lawyers will always be in demand as long as there is crime and fortunately or unfortunately, that figure is pretty much constant. The BLS also says points out that the competition for criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles will be extremely fierce.

Salary details:

Legal community

                                Criminal justice system

There are several factors that will determine the salary for a criminal attorney. Some of these factors include experience, specialization, geographic location, firm size, public or private sector and so on. According to a recent survey, the average salary for a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago falls in the range of $110,000 to $126,000 annually. On the other hand, the average yearly salary in smaller cities such as Ohio, Columbus, Kentucky and Louisville ranges between $74,000 and $83,000. As compared to criminal lawyers, public defender or a prosecutor is pretty less. A prosecutor just fresh into his career can expect only around $36,000 to $47,000 annually. Of course, the most sought-after lawyers don’t come cheap anyway

These are some aspects that might be of interest to you if you are looking forward to a career in the legal community. These jobs come with a lot of respect and social status apart from the opportunity to rub shoulders with the rich and powerful.


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Tips To Become A Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

                        Criminal defense attorney

If you dream of becoming a criminal defense attorney, then you should also know that the road to getting there is long and rigorous one. Not everyone can become a defense attorney, and passion alone won’t suffice; it requires intense hard work, dedication, time, and a lot of patience as well. This article gives you a few tips to help you achieve your goal.

  • To become a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, it is absolutely necessary that you get a bachelor’s degree. This is required in order to be able to get into a law school. Individuals who wish to get into law school should qualify for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).
  • Get into a law school of repute. Here, focus on the classes that relate to your field. While criminal law and procedure classes are a must for all students, aspiring criminal defense lawyers should also attend classes on trial advocacy, appellate practice and criminal practice.
  • Make sure you go for a criminal law related internship. The ideal choice would be to work for a public defender’s office, a legal aid society, prosecutor’s office or an appellate practice. A brilliant alternative to this would be to work for judicial clerkships, especially if the judge hears criminal cases.
  • The best way to become a brilliant criminal defense lawyer is to work on the other side as a prosecutor. So try to get a job as a prosecutor. One major advantage about working as a prosecutor is that you start gaining experience almost immediately, and get to learn a lot besides. The job maybe demanding, but the experience gained through the process would be invaluable.While working for the state, you can also obtain insights into the police procedures and court room protocols.

    Defense lawyer

                                         Law schools

  • Try to get a job in criminal defense. This way, as soon as you pass the bar, you can start working as a defense attorney, and can leave aside working as a prosecutor. Work with an experienced defense lawyer in order to gain knowledge about the local practices and procedures.

These are some tips to help you become a successful criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. Of course, these are only tips, and it’s arguably better to go in for career counseling options before you even decide on what job to work.


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All About Criminal Defense Lawyers In Los Angeles

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

         Salary details of a criminal defense attorney

Criminal defense attorneys are lawyers who specialize in criminal justice. Such lawyers can be found arguing cases in before a jury court rooms, in consultation with their clients or negotiating with prosecutors. These lawyers as a representative for the defendant or as a prosecutor, play a critical role in the administration of justice.

Job description:

Criminal defense attorneys can work as public defenders either for government agencies or government agencies. Irrespective of who they work for, the main responsibility of a criminal defense attorney is to protect their client’s rights during the legal procedures. These attorneys can help the client at any point of the legal process from before an arrest is made to after handing down the sentence.


Like any other attorney, criminal defense lawyers should also have a license to be able to practice law. In order to be able to do this, the attorney should have a degree in law and should also clear the bar exam in the state where they wish to practice. Criminal defense lawyers are usually into local, state and federal criminal laws and appellate procedures.

Work environment:

A criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles can work on his own as a solo practitioner or work for law firms that deal in criminal law. Criminal defense lawyers in larger organizations are a rare sight. They will be required to spend a lot of time researching and preparing for a case and they will have to make a number of appearances in the courtroom. When preparing for a trial, they will have to work for long hours at a stretch.


The ability to speak and communicate clearly and convincingly is an absolute necessity as they will have to argue cases in front of a judge or a jury every other day. As long hours of research are necessary for preparing a case, an attorney should be a brilliant student and researcher.


Criminal defense attorneys

          Everything about criminal defense lawyers

The salary of a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles depends on numerous factors such as the educational background, experience and even the employer. According to the Statistics published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the year 2008, the average salary for lawyers was around$110,000. The average salary that an attorney fresh out of college can expect varies between $59,000 and $119,000 a year.

So if you really want to become a criminal defense attorney, know that you have a long road ahead of you. Rome was not built in a day and nor will be a reputation for being a top notch criminal  lawyer!


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Picking A Good Criminal Defense Attorney

criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

hiring a good criminal defense attorney

If you ever find yourself being charged with a crime, you will most probably need a good defense attorney to represent you; almost no one fights their own cases these days. A good criminal defense attorney will know how to get you through or around the system as needed, and handle your case in the best possible manner. There are many people out there practicing law these days, so you need to find the one most suited to your particular type of case.

Finding a good criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

  • Work to find a good attorney by seeking reference. Get referrals from the bar association near you; you can either get a list of names form them, or specify the specialty and get referred to a good attorney. See that the attorney you solicit has handled your type of case before; for instance, if you are charged of DUI, find someone who is used to defending DUI suspects. Do not go in for a attorney without previous experience in the area, even if you know him or are related to him in some way.
  • Decide on what you are willing to settle for in the courtroom, before you settling on the attorney who is to represent you. If you are not willing to plead guilty, then find an attorney who is reputed for trial victories. If, on the other hand, you want to cut a deal with the plaintiff, then get an attorney who can get you the best plea bargain.
  • Make sure you ask questions to the attorney before soliciting his services. Find out how long he’s been practicing in the field and for how long a period he has handled your type of cases over. Find out how much he will charge you, and how much of it he expects to be paid up front. Check if he is handling the case personally, or through an associate.

    good defense attorney

    soliciting a defense attorney in LA

  • Ensure that you are comfortable relaying the matters of the case to the attorney you have chosen. This does not mean you have to like the person personally, only that you can appreciate him professionally. He must be straightforward about the best ways in which you can reach a victory or a settlement, and must be available to clear any doubts you might have.

This is some information on choosing a good criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. The city has a number of law firms reputed at handling some of the tough criminal cases in recent years.


Before Entrusting Your Case To A Criminal Defense Lawyer

The State Bar of California

how to find the top criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles

An accused or suspect in a crime has the right to defend himself irrespective of the nature of the offense in question. There are attorneys who are specialized to handle defense in criminal cases known as criminal defense attorneys. If you are looking for a top defense lawyer in Los Angeles online, search with the keyword, “criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles” for better results. This article coincidentally is also on how to find a top Los Angeles criminal defense attorney and how to proceed while engaging one to handle your case. is a good choice of website for finding a defense attorney in Los Angeles, who would meet your requirements. The site enables you to modify or refine your search with specific keywords. For instance, if you are looking for a defense attorney in Los Angeles, all that you have to do is type, Los Angeles criminal attorney. If you are to include the crime (Battery in this case) involved, in the search, then you may type, Battery attorney, Los Angeles for results that are specific to attorneys dealing with the offense.

What Next?

Once you are given with a list of attorneys, the next step is to find out their standing in the profession in terms of experience and winning statistics. Search for the number of years of practice and number of cases won. Here in the case of a Los Angeles attorney, you may visit the website of The State Bar of California for more accurate details of the lawyer you may have your eyes on. Check how long they have been in the bar and where and when they graduated and so on. would let you know the AV Peer Rating of the lawyer of your choice.

Once Fixed

Once you settle down with a choice, discuss the fees and charges for representation and consultation.  Procure a complete schedule related to costs involved and know in advance what you would be paying for the engagement. Avoid if he is targeting on percentage of total amount or of the sorts, for he is going against professional ethics.

The Meeting

The State Bar of California

Criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, California

Meet the lawyer in person and discuss the case in depth and ask questions. If he is competent, that would show off from the way he answers your questions or interrogates you. Demand his past record if necessary which you may cross check with the court’s entry before fixing him as your counsel to handle the case.

Hope these instructions suffice to find a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. The best option, however, would be to go by recommendation from friends.

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