Job Opportunities For Immigration Lawyers

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Immigration attorneys

Thousands of people migrate to the U.S. each year, hoping to lead a better life. These foreigners who migrate to the U.S. are taken advantage of at many levels, by those claiming to be immigration agents. There is an immigration law that is in existence in our country, which lays down the rules and regulations that one should follow in order to become a citizen of this great nation.

Here is where the immigration attorneys earn their money. Immigration law is a specialized branch of the law, which needs to be studied extensively to practice. Immigration lawyers should be aware of the grounds for entering the U.S. legally, and must be authorized to appear before Immigration and Naturalization Services, judges and adjudicators.

Qualifications of immigrations attorneys

Lawyers who have specializations in different fields of the law have one common factor: a graduate degree in law. It is the basic qualification for becoming an immigration attorney. In addition to that, immigration attorneys have a Juris Doctor degree from an accredited U.S. law school, and have knowledge in U.S. immigration laws, which can be gained through study and legal practice.

Federal government agencies

Immigration attorneys can find jobs in federal government agencies too. These two federal agencies are the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Department of Homeland Security. The Immigration and Naturalization Service employ immigration attorneys as immigration hearing officers or judges. They will have to preside over matters such as petitions for asylum or refugee status. Immigration attorneys are used by the Department of Homeland Security to give legal advice while detaining anyone suspicious at the border. Usually people who are suspected of possession of illegal contraband or are trying for an illegal entry are detained.

Private companies

Department of Homeland Security

                        immigration law

Some companies, usually big ones, hire immigration attorneys to provide expert advice on matters such as the immigration status of employees, or prospective employees.

Professors at law schools

Another avenue for immigration attorneys looking for work will be to work as professors in law schools. Many law schools in the country have immigration clinics to improve the knowledge of law students in immigration law. Experienced lawyers are highly sought after by these law schools.

To work as immigration lawyers, it is important to have lots of experience in working cases. It will only come by working as deputies to experienced lawyers and it should prove to be a stepping stone to much bigger things.

Becoming An Immigration Attorney In Los Angeles

Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles immigration attorneys

The job of an attorney is one of the most challenging in the world. He always has to put the interests of his client first, and try his maximum to get the best possible outcome for him, within the framework of the justice system. Lawyers have practices that fall under different categories, and one such category is immigration law. Immigration lawyers form a unique group because of the fact that immigration law, with which they work, has many aspects. There are many sub-issues within immigration law itself, which the immigration lawyers have to take care of. Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles in particular, have a tough job on their hands, especially since the city of Los Angeles has one of the largest foreign populations.

If you choose to go into a career in immigration law, there will be many opportunities, and you will not be stuck into one category. Obtaining work visas for large companies, filing a case on the behalf of an immigrant, etc are some of the areas that will help with displaying your talent.

Tips to become an immigration lawyer

Here are some tips that will help you in becoming an immigration lawyer.

  • Improve your communication skills while studying at the law school itself. Try to learn up on as many foreign languages as possible, so that communicating with your clients will become an easy job.

    graduate out of law school

    immigration attorneys in Los Angeles

  • Join for a special course in the field of immigration law at your law school. If your school does not provide the facilities, then you can explore the possibility of taking the course at another school, and having the course credits transferred to your school. The American Bar Association offers yearly seminars on immigration law.
  • Try to enter into an internship program with a reputed immigration lawyer from your area. It is important for you to have a hands-on experience before you graduate out of law school.

These are some opportunities that you can further explore, and which once pursued will further, enhance your knowledge in the area of immigration law.

There are several immigration lawyers in Los Angeles who will be able to assist you in the process of becoming an immigration lawyer. If you prove capable in this field of law, you will be able to land several jobs including government jobs such as at the Department of Homeland Security.


A Short Note On Immigration Law Compliance Policy

Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

                 Los Angeles immigration lawyers

Los Angeles is a city which is renowned for its diversity of cultures. A large part of the population is constituted by immigrants to the city. They are known to face trouble from various illegal agencies that try to take advantage of their immigration status. It is in these types of scenarios that immigration lawyers in Los Angeles can play a big part.

If you own a company that employs immigrants, then it is important that you take sufficient legal precautions to keep them safe. If you neglect immigrant laws while employing immigrant workers in your enterprise, it is possible that you will get in to trouble with the authorities. Immigrant employees have their own rights that need to be upheld. The first step in the direction of protecting immigrant workers is to follow the relevant rules. Assure them of your company’s policies by writing an immigration law compliance policy. The following steps will help you through the process of doing this.

Writing immigration law compliance policy

  • Before starting to write the policy, make a cover page for the document. Make sure that you give the document an appropriate title and date of approval. Also, add the logo of the company at the top of the document.
  • In the subject part of the document, give a brief description of the company’s policies, stressing on the fact that company employs only legal citizens. Also, mention that the company does not discriminate its employees based on nationality or religious belief.
  • Make sure to cite specific immigration reform laws on the document. Give the details of the employment verification documents that each employee must fill up, within two days after his hire date.
  • If any employee has to be re-hired, ask him or her to fill out the same employment verification details.

    Employment verification documents

                        Immigration lawyers

  • Warn the employees against giving out false details on the verification form. Also, caution them against omitting or misinterpreting any details. Mention that such acts are liable to get the employee terminated from the job. Also, mention that, if any such acts were to be found out, they would not only be dismissed from their jobs, but also be reported to concerned appropriate governmental agencies.

These are some details, which will let you dispense with the need of finding good immigration lawyers in Los Angeles. With the help of these tips, you will be able to write an immigration law compliance policy.


How To Become An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

                     Becoming an immigration lawyer

Becoming a lawyer is a dream for many, and in the many divisions that exist within a lawyer’s field of work; immigration is certainly an area that has managed to gather a lot of interest in recent years. It certainly has some of the most sought after jobs, and once you have managed to establish yourself as an immigration lawyer, the cases will flow unabated in your direction. However, becoming an immigration lawyer is not easy, and it will require some hard work. Here are some steps that will certainly guide you on the way to becoming one of the elite immigration lawyers in Los Angeles.

Selecting Law school

The first step involved is of course, the selection of the right law school. Most of the law schools have at least one elective course in immigration law, but it is better to concentrate on colleges that offer a specialization in immigration law to its students. This is because, those colleges that specialize in immigration will be able to offer a variety of courses that are related to various immigration related issues. Graduating from such schools that offer specialized courses, will help you with improving your knowledge in the relevant areas. Another advantage of joining such schools is that they allow the third year students to specialize on specific immigration issues. University of Michigan, Stanford, Harvard, University of Texas and John Marshall law schools are some reputed institutions in this area.

Internship programs

Once you manage to enroll into a reputed law school, the next step involved is finding a relevant internship program. There will be several second summer internship programs available for the students, but it is crucial that you select the right one. One of the important steps to becoming an immigration lawyer involves you getting into an internship program at an immigration law firm, or at a related nonprofit organization. Make sure that you select the right organization to pursue your internship program, as there will be several organizations that will be interested in offering internship programs.

Faring well at internship

It is important that you are able to make an impression at the firm where you are pursuing your internship program. Otherwise, the firm will not become interested in hiring you for a full time job. If the firm where you pursued your internship program does not hire you, the other firms might follow suit.

Nonprofit organization

                      Los Angeles immigration lawyers

These are some details regarding immigration law in the country. These tips will help you in pursuing a career as an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles are widely respected, and you will be able to build a healthy career.


Annual Incomes Of Immigration Lawyers Analyzed

Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

                    Los Angeles immigration lawyers

Becoming a lawyer is a dream for many people. The salary such a job offers, along with the social status it brings along, is certainly among the factors that entice young people to take on a career as a lawyer. Let us now look into the annual incomes that an immigration lawyer can expect in the state of California. The information given below will help you in understanding the average annual earnings of immigration lawyers in Los Angeles.

Bill hourly

Those lawyers who are fortunate enough to get into a top law firm will tell you that they are paid by the hour. This is the case throughout most parts of the country, especially the metropolitan regions of New York, Los Angeles and Boston. The usual hourly charges vary from one law firm to another, but it is usually in the range of $300. It is to be noted that the billing is done in either 6-minute or 15-minute increments.

Flat rates for specific services

Competition is high among law firms, and thus to attract clients, they offer flat rates to customers in specific cases. Such cases include immigration, visa processing and international assignments fields. There exist flat rates for processing H-1B (“Specialty Occupation”) Worker Visa in the United States, and it usually costs in the range of $5000 for the clients. The United States Permanent Residence cases will cost around $10000 for the clients.

Client specific rates

Law firms usually charge the fees based on their clients. Such client specific rates are required, as they will be helpful in calculating the lawyers’ fees. Larger clients usually have a high number of transactions within the law firm, and thus calculating the fees based on hourly rates can become quite impractical. Thus, these larger clients are usually charged on a per-transaction basis. In the case of smaller clients, it is easier for them if the fees are charged on an hourly basis.

Method of payment

Once the legal matters are done with, the clients will have to pay up the sum they owe to the legal firms. There exists a common standard, by which the payments are carried out. Once the invoice has been approved by the internal accounts payable team representing the client, they will have to pay the fees within 30 days.

Internal accounts

       Immigration lawyers Annual income

Detailed information regarding the annual salaries of the immigration lawyers in Los Angeles can be quite difficult to obtain. They are handsomely paid by bigger law firms, and they can charge their clients on an hourly basis.


Lawyers For Immigrants In LA

immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has strict immigration laws

Los Angeles is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. If you think I am talking only about Los Angeles as a tourist destination, I am not. The place has one of the largest immigrant populations in the country. A simple search on the demographics of the state would throw up interesting numbers. There is a sizeable chunk of Asians, Hispanics, Arabs and other races. The city has representation from more than 135 countries and more than 200 languages. As such, the city is a melting pot of cultures. This is because of Los Angeles being a wonderful city to live in as well as the presence of large number of companies that have a global footprint.

With such a situation, you can imagine that the immigration lawyers in Los Angeles would be working overtime to clear the many issues that have to go through the immigration office in the city. Gaining entry to the country, appearing for visa applications and other official matters requires one to process a lot of paperwork.

Although you can find a lawyer at every corner of this city, getting the right one for you however will not be an easy task. With a lot of information available on the internet, one can also find attorney details online. The American Immigration Lawyers Associations would have a comprehensive list of immigration lawyers in Los Angeles. They would even be able to arrange a lawyer that matches the ethnicity of the client. After all, it would be easier to talk to someone with a similar background.

immigration office

Attorneys to help with immigrant issues In Los Angeles

The Executive Office for Immigration Review is another website that one can look out for reputed lawyers. Apart from being under the aegis of the Department of Justice, the website lists those who render free legal aid. Therefore, this one site could help those facing financial difficulties as well as immigration issues. The website also lists those who have been debarred from appearing in court for various reasons. This would certainly be helpful for those who are not familiar with Los Angeles immigration lawyers and helps keep frauds at bay.

With immigration norms being tightened in the wake of security threats, it would be a good idea to keep all your official papers handy before traveling to Los Angeles. Lawyers may not be hard to find but the reputed ones are just a few among the lot.



Tips To Help You Hire An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law

Avail the services of an experienced                             immigration lawyer

The laws and policies regarding the immigration of citizens are defined as immigration laws. In addition, lawyers who are specialized in this field are called immigration lawyers. If you are wondering how you can obtain the services of immigration lawyers in Los Angeles, then here are a few points to help you out.

How to hire an immigration attorney

  • Immigration law has numerous branches that include employment visas, citizenship, removal proceedings and family immigration. So enquire and find out which section of immigration law you have to deal with as majority of the immigration lawyers deal with only one particular division of law.
  • Understand your case and get yourself familiar with the conditions that need to be satisfied. Before you get the help of someone, it is necessary that you make yourself familiar with your requirements.
  • Ask around within your social circles to find out good immigration lawyers in your locality. People undergoing a similar situation will be able to give useful recommendations. Also, check the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) website to get help with locating an eminent lawyer.
  • Do some research about the background and specialties of the immigration lawyer that you are interested in. Most of them have their own website highlighting their experiences and also other information such as their pricing and a list of their successful cases and testimonials.
  • Schedule consultations with your top preferences. Consultation can be done either via mail, phone or even in person. Keep in mind that certain attorneys charge a nominal fee for consultation. As the immigration law is federal in nature, you do not necessarily require a local attorney except if local representation is necessary in your case.

    Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

                       Hiring an immigration lawyer

  • During consultation, explain your situation to the attorney and then ask all questions that come in to your mind. Also, ask him for his recommendation on what your next step should be and how his firm would represent your case. Also, see whether he has experience dealing with cases similar to yours and get an idea about the fees charged.
  • Based on the consultations that you have made, go for a lawyer that fits your case the best. You will be required to sign a contract availing his services and you will be required to pay a part or all of the fees. Most immigration lawyers go for a flat rate instead of hourly rates.

Now you know how you can hire immigration lawyers in Los Angeles. Avail the services of an eminent and reputed attorney to resolve your immigration issues quickly.


Salary Details Of An Immigration Attorney

Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

Average salary of an immigration lawyer

As the name implies, immigration attorneys are those who attend and argue immigration cases. These attorneys can work for the government or they can focus on family based cases or employment based immigration where they work with the employers to attain legal status for foreign employees. There are a number of factors on which an immigration attorney’s salary depends on such as location, experience and legal practice.


Immigration is a department which comes under the federal law and not the state law. The General Schedule (GS) Grade acts as a basis for determining the salary for federal attorneys. For instance, as of 2009, an attorney with less than a year’s experience can earn an annual salary of $50,000 to $60,000. Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles who have a minimum of 2 and a half years experience can make around $83,000 to $108,000.


Defendants in removal proceedings or in deportation will not be represented by court appointed attorneys as is the norm in criminal cases. Defendants can either represent themselves or hire an attorney of their own. Attorneys who opt for private practice have significantly different rates. Depending on the umber of cases received and fee per case, the average salary for a defense attorney can vary between $60,000 and $100,000 per annum.


Low income or disadvantaged people can seek the services of non-profit organizations for representing them in immigration court and assistance with family sponsored petitions. An attorney offering his services for non-profit organizations can expect an average salary only under $50,000 annually and attorneys with no experience receive less than $40,000.

Solo practitioner:

A solo practitioner is an attorney who practices law without the assistance of other attorneys, or in other words, an attorney who works independently. However, they may be assisted by several support staff and they may have their own office or share office with other solo practitioners. There are a number of factors that influence the salary of solo immigration lawyers in Los Angeles. On an average, s solo practitioner can make around $30,000 to $100,000 annually.

Immigration attorneys

Experienced Immigration lawyers


Employment based immigration attorneys may either choose to work in mid- to large-sized firms or they can also work in-house. Major businesses generally have their own legal departments where they hire attorneys as employees. Such lawyers handling employment based immigration cases can make well over $100,000 annually.

The above are certain aspects regarding the salary details of immigration attorneys working in several fields. With experience, attorneys in this field can gain respect and fortune too.


How Should I Consult An Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

                      Solve your Immigration issues

Every day, a large number of people from all over the world come to the United States for many different reasons. The reasons for coming here may be either because one has got married, or one is engaged to someone currently living in the U.S. or because one has a working visa. Whatever may be the reason, seek the assistance of an experienced immigration lawyer who can help you deal with the immigration procedure and the laws that govern it. They are also the ones to approach if you are facing green card issues or if you are facing deportation or in case you are seeking political asylum.

How to consult with an immigration lawyer?

For all the reasons mentioned above and many other immigration issues as well, consult a knowledgeable immigration lawyer. Here is how you can do the same-

  1. To obtain information about immigration lawyers in Los Angeles, contact your local bar association. There are bar associations in states as well as in a majority of the counties within states that offer legal services to the general public. One such service that is available is the attorney referral program that will help people who require legal help by providing them with contact information of attorneys. Contact the bar association within your state and describe in brief the issues that you are facing with the immigration law. The association will supply you with the contact details of an attorney who has experience handling your particular type of immigration problems.
  2. Collect all legal documents relevant to the issue. An issue with the immigration law will need various documents including passports, green cards, visa applications and documents andcorrespondence from the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. Gather all these documents and take them with you before going to meet an immigration lawyer.

    Immigration attorney

             Get the assistance of an immigration lawyer

  3. Schedule a meeting with an immigration attorney. Take with you all significant documents for inspection and as proof. Explain all your concerns to your attorney and answer any questions that he/she may have. Discuss your issue to find out the course of action that will be best.

Follow these steps to receive information on immigration lawyers in Los Angeles as well as to schedule meetings with them. Alternatively, you can also check online lawyer directories in order to find an immigration attorney closest to where you live.


Career Prospects Of Immigration Lawyers

immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles immigration lawyers

Immigration lawyers are those who are dealing with lawful issues related to the immigrants those who enter the country for residential or employment purpose. These lawyers are generally seen as private practitioners. In some cases they may be forming a part of an international law governing institution. They have been said to practice in those cities where firms with the highest number of immigrants operates. The immigration lawyers in Los Angeles are the best example.

There are many other career opportunities for those who pass out with a graduation in immigration law. Go through the rest of the article to know more about their career prospects.

Legal Issues Related to Entering a Country

The very first duty of the immigration lawyers is to look after the immigrant related legal issues such as obtaining visas for an immigrant and his family members, or for obtaining business visas and getting nonimmigrant visas. These immigration lawyers are also expected to appear for those whose visas have been overstayed by the government. They can also appear for those people who have entered the country without adequate authorization documents. They can also take up cases which are concerned with a person who has been put behind the bars in the military prison due to immigration issues. They can also assist in preparing visas and nonimmigrant paper works.

Other Duties of Immigration Lawyers

Other than immigration related issues, the person practicing as an immigration lawyer must be able to interact with various groups of people like political leaders, business executives, health care providers, general physicians, theater artists and the like. The only requirement to take up this task is that those lawyers should be bilingual in nature. It is very much required as some people may not be having fluency in English language.

Other Related Duties

Immigrant population

Top lawyers in Los Angeles dealing immigration

Other than appearing for normal immigration cases, the immigration lawyers should also appear for many other related issues which include asylum, detention, employment, criminal issues, family reunification issues, and other citizenship issues. Apart from normal immigrant problems, the immigration lawyers are said to appear more in the cases related to employment of the immigrants in certain cities. The immigration lawyers in Los Angeles, who works in favor of immigrant population working in firms out there, can be treated as the best example.

Educational Qualification

Those who desire to build a career as an immigration lawyer should have a doctorate or JD in immigration law.

These are the career prospects of immigration lawyers. Good day!


The Role Of Immigration Lawyers In Los Angeles

immigration paperwork

Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles and their duties

Immigration attorneys focus on immigration issues faced by individuals, families and business enterprises. They guide their client on immigration procedures, visa and other relevant issues unique to the immigrations department. Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles guide you with the same procedure and far ensuring complete protection of immigration law en route to United States. The departments of government that are immigration-specific may at times prove to be troublesome with their highly convoluted system and that’s when you look forward to the assistance of  immigration lawyers in Los Angeles where the immigration laws are some of the strictest in the country.

The Role of an Immigration Lawyer

When you are faced with imminent trouble or when you are incapable of acting alone or when you lack legal understanding of the processes involved, you will be left with no other alternative but seek the assistance of an immigration lawyer. He would be more qualified to interpret rulings and the status of your immigration issue in the Immigration Department. If the issue you face is of complex nature, then the notion gets more concrete that immigration lawyers are the first and last resort when facing hardship before and after landing on a new land.

Are immigration lawyers concerned only with immigration paperwork?

While paperwork is part of the whole process, the employment of an immigration lawyer is usually beyond the scope of the paperwork involved. Of course, documents are important in anything that has got to do with the legal system of the country especially when it comes to determining the identity of a person. An incomplete or inappropriate paperwork can be the source of unwarranted delays and more legal complications and blunders which leave you with no alternatives or solutions rendering the immigration dream a distant reality in all. Therefore, engaging an immigration lawyer makes sense in every aspect discussed so far. They will get you through with the paperwork in a way it ought to be done to ensure trouble-free immigration.

immigration paperwork

Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles are awesome

Immigration lawyers also impart counseling to immigrants in matters related to their stay and discuss the options available for an immigrant in the U.S.

The role of an immigration attorney also includes educating the client of his legal liabilities and duties during his travel and stay in U.S. and dealing with government agencies and departments. Attorney of high caliber are hard to come by. Most seek out such attorneys after hearing of them from friends and family.