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Becoming a lawyer is a dream for many people. The salary such a job offers, along with the social status it brings along, is certainly among the factors that entice young people to take on a career as a lawyer. Let us now look into the annual incomes that an immigration lawyer can expect in the state of California. The information given below will help you in understanding the average annual earnings of immigration lawyers in Los Angeles.

Bill hourly

Those lawyers who are fortunate enough to get into a top law firm will tell you that they are paid by the hour. This is the case throughout most parts of the country, especially the metropolitan regions of New York, Los Angeles and Boston. The usual hourly charges vary from one law firm to another, but it is usually in the range of $300. It is to be noted that the billing is done in either 6-minute or 15-minute increments.

Flat rates for specific services

Competition is high among law firms, and thus to attract clients, they offer flat rates to customers in specific cases. Such cases include immigration, visa processing and international assignments fields. There exist flat rates for processing H-1B (“Specialty Occupation”) Worker Visa in the United States, and it usually costs in the range of $5000 for the clients. The United States Permanent Residence cases will cost around $10000 for the clients.

Client specific rates

Law firms usually charge the fees based on their clients. Such client specific rates are required, as they will be helpful in calculating the lawyers’ fees. Larger clients usually have a high number of transactions within the law firm, and thus calculating the fees based on hourly rates can become quite impractical. Thus, these larger clients are usually charged on a per-transaction basis. In the case of smaller clients, it is easier for them if the fees are charged on an hourly basis.

Method of payment

Once the legal matters are done with, the clients will have to pay up the sum they owe to the legal firms. There exists a common standard, by which the payments are carried out. Once the invoice has been approved by the internal accounts payable team representing the client, they will have to pay the fees within 30 days.

Internal accounts

       Immigration lawyers Annual income

Detailed information regarding the annual salaries of the immigration lawyers in Los Angeles can be quite difficult to obtain. They are handsomely paid by bigger law firms, and they can charge their clients on an hourly basis.