How To Become An Immigration Lawyer

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Becoming a lawyer is a dream for many, and in the many divisions that exist within a lawyer’s field of work; immigration is certainly an area that has managed to gather a lot of interest in recent years. It certainly has some of the most sought after jobs, and once you have managed to establish yourself as an immigration lawyer, the cases will flow unabated in your direction. However, becoming an immigration lawyer is not easy, and it will require some hard work. Here are some steps that will certainly guide you on the way to becoming one of the elite immigration lawyers in Los Angeles.

Selecting Law school

The first step involved is of course, the selection of the right law school. Most of the law schools have at least one elective course in immigration law, but it is better to concentrate on colleges that offer a specialization in immigration law to its students. This is because, those colleges that specialize in immigration will be able to offer a variety of courses that are related to various immigration related issues. Graduating from such schools that offer specialized courses, will help you with improving your knowledge in the relevant areas. Another advantage of joining such schools is that they allow the third year students to specialize on specific immigration issues. University of Michigan, Stanford, Harvard, University of Texas and John Marshall law schools are some reputed institutions in this area.

Internship programs

Once you manage to enroll into a reputed law school, the next step involved is finding a relevant internship program. There will be several second summer internship programs available for the students, but it is crucial that you select the right one. One of the important steps to becoming an immigration lawyer involves you getting into an internship program at an immigration law firm, or at a related nonprofit organization. Make sure that you select the right organization to pursue your internship program, as there will be several organizations that will be interested in offering internship programs.

Faring well at internship

It is important that you are able to make an impression at the firm where you are pursuing your internship program. Otherwise, the firm will not become interested in hiring you for a full time job. If the firm where you pursued your internship program does not hire you, the other firms might follow suit.

Nonprofit organization

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These are some details regarding immigration law in the country. These tips will help you in pursuing a career as an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles are widely respected, and you will be able to build a healthy career.