Tips To Help You Hire An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration law

Avail the services of an experienced                             immigration lawyer

The laws and policies regarding the immigration of citizens are defined as immigration laws. In addition, lawyers who are specialized in this field are called immigration lawyers. If you are wondering how you can obtain the services of immigration lawyers in Los Angeles, then here are a few points to help you out.

How to hire an immigration attorney

  • Immigration law has numerous branches that include employment visas, citizenship, removal proceedings and family immigration. So enquire and find out which section of immigration law you have to deal with as majority of the immigration lawyers deal with only one particular division of law.
  • Understand your case and get yourself familiar with the conditions that need to be satisfied. Before you get the help of someone, it is necessary that you make yourself familiar with your requirements.
  • Ask around within your social circles to find out good immigration lawyers in your locality. People undergoing a similar situation will be able to give useful recommendations. Also, check the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) website to get help with locating an eminent lawyer.
  • Do some research about the background and specialties of the immigration lawyer that you are interested in. Most of them have their own website highlighting their experiences and also other information such as their pricing and a list of their successful cases and testimonials.
  • Schedule consultations with your top preferences. Consultation can be done either via mail, phone or even in person. Keep in mind that certain attorneys charge a nominal fee for consultation. As the immigration law is federal in nature, you do not necessarily require a local attorney except if local representation is necessary in your case.

    Immigration lawyers in Los Angeles

                       Hiring an immigration lawyer

  • During consultation, explain your situation to the attorney and then ask all questions that come in to your mind. Also, ask him for his recommendation on what your next step should be and how his firm would represent your case. Also, see whether he has experience dealing with cases similar to yours and get an idea about the fees charged.
  • Based on the consultations that you have made, go for a lawyer that fits your case the best. You will be required to sign a contract availing his services and you will be required to pay a part or all of the fees. Most immigration lawyers go for a flat rate instead of hourly rates.

Now you know how you can hire immigration lawyers in Los Angeles. Avail the services of an eminent and reputed attorney to resolve your immigration issues quickly.