Distinguishing Between Pleading Guilty And “No Contest”

Although pleading guilty and pleading no contest might appear to be the same to a nonprofessional, there are some subtle differences between these two pleas, when some finer points of the laws existing in our state are considered. A different kind of plea exists too, called as the Alford plea, which can be used by… Poursuivre la lecture Distinguishing Between Pleading Guilty And “No Contest”

Dealing With Mayhem Charges

Dealing With Mayhem Charges Aggravated mayhem explained     The crime of mayhem, when charged against a person, will require that person to appear in a court of law and face litigation. Although the crime of mayhem may not itself be as ominous and dangerous as it sounds, the punishment from the court certainly can be,… Poursuivre la lecture Dealing With Mayhem Charges