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The Other Car Rear-Ended Me On The Freeway. What Do I Do?



Plaintiff was driving her Nissan straight on the northbound I-5 freeway. Defendant, while operating a Ford van was also driving northbound on the I-5 freeway behind Plaintiff’s vehicle. Defendant rear-ended Plaintiff’s vehicle. He was following Plaintiff too closely and could not stop in time. The California Highway Patrol investigated said accident and determined that the accident was caused by Defendant in violation of Vehicle Code section 21703, “following too closely”.

Freeway collision Pic2


Liability has been admitted by Defendant.


Plaintiff sustained trauma to her head, neck and low-back as a result of this rear-end collision. Following the accident she sought treatment from his doctor, and his diagnostic impressions were: cervical spine strain and sprain, lumbar spine sprain and strain, severe cephalgia, and stress anxiety. He was prescribed Vicodin and recommended physical therapy. Plaintiff followed up with an Orthopedic Specialist. The doctor diagnosed Plaintiff with cervical strain and disc lesion of the cervical spine, thoracic strain, and lumbar strain. The doctor attributed these injuries solely to the accident and ordered an MRI scan. Based on above diagnoses, Plaintiff received physical therapy.


Plaintiff still suffers from continued lower back pain and muscle spasms. The doctor recommended laminectomy surgery to repair the lumbar disc protrusion.



Ari Friedman
Personal Injury Lawyer

Selecting The Right Car Accident Attorney

Riverside car accident attorney

Riverside attorneys

Whatever be the case that one is required to sit through in a court of law, having a good attorney to handle it for them would greatly simplify matters. Not only does a competitive attorney improve the chances of winning the case, but he or she will also help you in getting more money as damages. There is many a Riverside car accident attorney to pick from to help you with the litigation, but it is important that you select the right attorney.

How to select the best attorney?

There is no set of clear-cut steps that you are required to follow, in order to select an attorney. However, you can ensure that you have selected one of the best by following the simple methods and tips mentioned in this article.

When you visit a law firm itself, you will get an idea regarding the establishment. If they pressurize you to select a particular attorney, then it would better if you do not hire them. If they are good enough, they will have belief in their own work, and instead of pressurizing you, would be more forthcoming about the alternative options you can pursue.

Another important point before you zero in on an attorney is to make sure that he or she is a specialist in that area of work. If the lawyer you are consulting is a person who has taken a wide variety of cases, it is an indication that he or she might not be a specialist in one field of work. This also indicates that the attorney lacks the experience required to handle a case like yours, and that selecting that attorney might end up badly for you.

excellent track-record

car accident attorneys

The main criterion for selecting an attorney is quite simple: the track record. If the cases handled by this attorney in the past have yielded favorable results, then you need not worry about much else besides handing your case to him or her. However, make sure that the excellent track-record of the attorney is in the area of your interest, which is handling car accident cases.

Selecting a good Riverside car accident attorney might seem like a mammoth task at first, but it is simple when you follow these tips. Keep in mind that, having a capable attorney attending for your case is like a case half-won.

Role Of A Car Accident Attorney In Car Accident Cases

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How to file a Car Accident Suit in Riverside County

The civil law entitles a legal practitioner to practice in the area of his/her interest and to specialize as standing counsels or attorneys of such choice. Those lawyers who find more rewarding to practice as personal injury lawyers specializing in accident cases involving cars are known as car crash lawyers. If you happen to be a car accident attorney from the Riverside County, then your clients would identify you as a Riverside car accident attorney. If you are a budding Riverside car attorney, this article could be of help. Read on!

Responsibilities of a Car Accident Attorney
The first and foremost duty of a personal injury lawyer is to ensure that your client is adequately compensated for the injuries sustained in an accident. The compensation should include your clients’ medical bills and all other expenses incurred due to the accident. No claim is without dispute and you must be well prepared to face them as and when they arise in a trial.

How Riverside Clients Reach You
Clients look for attorneys specialized in injury-related cases either online with the keyword, Riverside car accident attorney or rely on referrals. They may even look into the classifieds of phone books. Assuming that a client manages to find you through any of the avenues mentioned above, the next thing he would look for in you is expertise in handling highly complicated medical and technical issues, unique of a car accident case. If your overall disposition appears convincing to the client, he will hire you to handle his case ignoring the fact that you are a budding lawyer.

Lawyer vs. Insurance Companies
An accident could by all means be settled out-of-court if the two parties can come up with terms they both agree on. The injured may coordinate with the insurance company involved and be compensated for the expenses arising due to accident without the intervention of a personal injury attorney. There are also instances wherein the attorney himself could negotiate with the insurance company for an out-of-court settlement.

Lawyer’s Fee

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Riverside Car Accidents and Attorneys

The fee is usually calculated on the basis of the number of hours the attorney had to work on the case. The other option that is popular these days is to pay the attorney a percentage of the monetary compensation received. Needless to say the latter is the more appealing of the two but it is contingent on winning the case. If you lose, the client need not pay you anything apart from the court expenses and an agreed base fee.

Hope this article was helpful. Good Day!

What To Check For When Choosing An Accident Lawyer

riverside car accident attorney

hiring a car accident lawyer

If you ever encounter an accident, you’re sure to need the services of a quality lawyer to get you out of the legal mess that ensues. The good thing about having a reputable and experienced lawyer to represent you is that he can take the stress off your shoulders, and assist you in getting the insurance company to pay for your financial, emotional and physical damages. Here are some of the guidelines to follow while selecting the best Riverside car accident attorney.

How to go about soliciting the services of a car accident attorney

  • Ask for referrals from close friends or associates to find a good lawyer, or look up an accident lawyer in the newspaper and phone directories. Set up a meeting with him before you divulge the details of the case that you’d like him to handle. Alternatively, get in touch with a local lawyer agency to avail the services of one that deals specifically in cases such as yours.
  • Go for an accident lawyer who has a good record, experience, and has shown successful negotiation skills. He must be able to settle out of court, if this is possible. If he settles the case in a courtroom, you must win the settlement at the minimum cost.

    hire a lawyer

    finding a good lawyer to represent you

  • There should be synergy between the client and lawyer. You can judge if there is synergy if the attorney shows enthusiasm in advising you, pays attention to detail, and is blunt about the business aspects of his trade.
  • Try and get a lawyer who’s willing to wait for payment until after he wins the case for you. Of course, some of the most well known Riverside car accident attorney firms do not charge for the first consultation.
  • The most important part of getting a lawyer is to read any paperwork thoroughly and understand the terms and conditions it entails, before you agree to sign it. Any misunderstanding later on, regarding the details of the agreement, will enable him to take you to court. In such an instance, winning the original case will just have gotten you into a different kind of trouble.

Follow these instructions to hire a lawyer to represent you in court, if you get into an accident. These guidelines help make sure that you get the right lawyer for the matter, and that you win the best settlement at minimum cost.