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How To Fight Charges Of Aggravated Mayhem

Aggravated mayhem

 Litigation in aggravated mayhem cases

Aggravated mayhem, in the United States, falls under the criminal code for aggravated assault, and is seen as a highly brutal offense as it renders the victim incapable of the complete use of his body. Sometimes the accused may even face imprisonment if he is found guilty by the court.

What is mayhem?

Mayhem is by definition a willful act, and involves essentially the cut off or disabling any limb of another person. The amount of violence that went into committing the act of mayhem often determines the punishment incurred if found guilty. This also takes into account the manner in which the plaintiff was attacked. The seriousness of the crime increases proportionally to the violence the plaintiff was subjected to.

What to do if you are accused

If you are accused of an act of mayhem, the first thing to do, as always, is to get yourself a good lawyer, especially vital in this case due to how high the punishment may go. If you appear before a jury and are unable to convince them of your innocence, or if your lawyer is, prospects are bleak. Other criminal offence accusations may leave you room to maneuver within error, but when the charges involve mayhem, go for the best you can afford and solicit.

The Penal code section 206 contains essentially this definition for torture: the infliction of great bodily injury upon someone, with the view to causing cruel and extreme pain and suffering. The reason for such an act may lie among revenge, extortion, persuasion, or any sadistic purpose. The stipulated punishment is life imprisonment.

The Penal code section 205 identifies aggravated mayhem as the unlawful and circumstantial manifestation of apathy or indifference towards the physical and mental wellbeing of another person. To be found guilty, the accused must have disabled the victim permanently, or dismembered him. The crime is recognized as a felony that can elicit punishment of upto life imprisonment in the state prison, with parole a possibility.

What is mayhem

                   Best aggravated mayhem lawyers

If you or a loved one is accused of either of the above crimes, it is imperative that you seek out and solicit the services of a respectable and able attorney to represent you in the courtroom. For more information regarding what to do when charged with aggravated-mayhem, and how to procure services from a good lawyer, refer online legal resources.