Dealing With Mayhem Charges

Dealing With Mayhem Charges

Aggravated mayhem explained

Aggravated mayhem explained

    The crime of mayhem, when charged against a person, will require that person to appear in a court of law and face litigation. Although the crime of mayhem may not itself be as ominous and dangerous as it sounds, the punishment from the court certainly can be, especially of you do not have a capable attorney to back you up. The crime of mayhem certainly involves the victim being seriously injured. If a person was to attack another person with an intention to maim or permanently disable the other person and succeed in doing so, then he will be guilty of mayhem crime. If the crime of mayhem is found to be quite severe, then it might be classified as aggravated mayhem.

Seriousness of injury

    The courts will count only serious injuries if a crime has to be classified as mayhem. Only injuries that result in the victim getting permanently disabled are considered. If the injury sustained by the victim is permanent, then the person responsible for the crime can be tried in a court of law for crime of mayhem.

    Serious injuries do happen when two persons attack each other, but the mere fact that a serious injury happened, is not enough for a person to be tried for the crime of mayhem. As in the case of other laws and rules, the definitions of the crime of mayhem will also differ from one state to another. However, these differences are only slight, and the main defining points are the same in most states. If a person was to negligently or recklessly injure another person and if the injury suffered was to be serious, then the person who committed the crime can be tried in a court of law for the crime of mayhem.

Extreme cases

    If the defendant was to disfigure the victim then such cases are considered as extreme cases of mayhem, and may even be classified as aggravated mayhem. Such injuries may even lead to the death of the victim in some cases. In such cases where the victim was to die of the injuries suffered, the defendant can be charged with murder even if he or she did not intend to murder the victim.

    These are some details concerning the crime of mayhem. It is a serious crime and the punishments that are handed out in such cases reflect the seriousness with which the courts consider such cases.

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