Job Opportunities For Immigration Lawyers

Immigration attorneys

Thousands of people migrate to the U.S. each year, hoping to lead a better life. These foreigners who migrate to the U.S. are taken advantage of at many levels, by those claiming to be immigration agents. There is an immigration law that is in existence in our country, which lays down the rules and regulations that one should follow in order to become a citizen of this great nation.

Here is where the immigration attorneys earn their money. Immigration law is a specialized branch of the law, which needs to be studied extensively to practice. Immigration lawyers should be aware of the grounds for entering the U.S. legally, and must be authorized to appear before Immigration and Naturalization Services, judges and adjudicators.

Qualifications of immigrations attorneys

Lawyers who have specializations in different fields of the law have one common factor: a graduate degree in law. It is the basic qualification for becoming an immigration attorney. In addition to that, immigration attorneys have a Juris Doctor degree from an accredited U.S. law school, and have knowledge in U.S. immigration laws, which can be gained through study and legal practice.

Federal government agencies

Immigration attorneys can find jobs in federal government agencies too. These two federal agencies are the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Department of Homeland Security. The Immigration and Naturalization Service employ immigration attorneys as immigration hearing officers or judges. They will have to preside over matters such as petitions for asylum or refugee status. Immigration attorneys are used by the Department of Homeland Security to give legal advice while detaining anyone suspicious at the border. Usually people who are suspected of possession of illegal contraband or are trying for an illegal entry are detained.

Private companies

                        immigration law

Some companies, usually big ones, hire immigration attorneys to provide expert advice on matters such as the immigration status of employees, or prospective employees.

Professors at law schools

Another avenue for immigration attorneys looking for work will be to work as professors in law schools. Many law schools in the country have immigration clinics to improve the knowledge of law students in immigration law. Experienced lawyers are highly sought after by these law schools.

To work as immigration lawyers, it is important to have lots of experience in working cases. It will only come by working as deputies to experienced lawyers and it should prove to be a stepping stone to much bigger things.

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